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Clyde Ackerman was a survivor of a zombie outbreak that occurred just five months after the New Barkham Incident. He was responsible for several other survivors who resided in Wong's Fish Factory in the industrial district of Las Surdas.

Early LifeEdit

Clyde was born to Angelica and Morris Ackerman in London, England thirty two years prior to the nationwide outbreak. Angelica was a waitress at a diner while Morris worked as an immigration officer. When Clyde was seventeen, Angelica was diagnosed with lung cancer, a result from continuous inhalation of second-hand smoke at the diner. Unable to satisfy himself sexually anymore, Morris turned to prostitutes. His skills at deception transferred over to Clyde, who eventually caught him out. Disgusted with Morris, he spent most of his time with Angelica, eventually leading to him receiving bottom grades and dropping out of school. As soon as Angelica died, he migrated to the United States. With no real steady source of income, he took a job at Wong's Fish Factory while conducting scams to earn extra money.

Married LifeEdit

Clyde eventually met Tanya Wright at age 26, a pleasant woman who worked at a diner much like his mother. After two years of dating, Clyde eventually got married to her. Tanya gave birth to Jennifer Ackerman a year and a half later. Throughout their relationship, Tanya was unaware of his side job as a conman until she eventually discovered multiple fake IDs. Further investigation led to her discovery of Clyde's criminal activities. Betrayed, she filed for divorce. Clyde desperately tried to apologize and make up for his mistakes, but Tanya threatened to turn him into the authorities if she didn't have full custody of Jennifer. Clyde reluctantly surrendered, feeling like a worthless father to Jennifer much like how Morris was to him. He immediately gave up his life of crime and continued to work at the Fish Factory.

The Nationwide OutbreakEdit

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