Devastation is a continuation of the story Outbreak by Prisoner617. Although it follows completely different characters in a completely different setting, the timeline occurs five months after the New Barkham Incident.

Story OverviewEdit

The story follows Clyde Ackerman and his band of survivors hiding out in Wong's Fish Factory in the industrial sector of Las Surdas. Things grow tense when another survivor is rescued from a car wreck just outside the factory. When one of the survivors betrays the crew, things go to hell, and Clyde has no desire but to avenge his fallen comrades, but not after ensuring the safety of the rest.

Act IEdit

Act I should consist of five chapters.

The Interrogation: J.T. is questioned by Clyde before being given a tour by Jameeka.

Getting to Know: Clyde blows up at Zoe, threatening to throw her out. J.T. asks what Clyde's problem is, and everyone confesses they don't know. Zoe suggests he go back where he came from. She'd be happy to tag along.

Field Trip: Clyde takes J.T. to go get more supplies. Jameeka wishes to come because she's been stuck inside for too long. Lucas stays with Zoe to monitor surveillance. When they reach a supermarket, Jameeka must look after the vehicle. Things go south when a mob comes to attack Jameeka.

Saving Jameeka: J.T. wants to leave her because there's too many but Clyde shouts at him. He fires over his shoulder, scaring J.T. to bits. Eventually he realises it was to create noise to attract the zombies to them. "Why you fink I fired those shots, you fucking donkey? So I could laugh at you shitting your pants? Now, let's go get 'er." They rescue her and make their way back to the factory.

Fire: They return to see the factory on fire. Out of options, they drive away towards the railway tracks and follow it out of the area. They pull up in a suburban area. Clyde's old home.

Act IIEdit

Questions: Clyde helps them get comfortable. Jameeka asks how he could afford such a home as he only worked in a factory. He refuses to say anything.

Act IIIEdit