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James Timothy "J.T." Mason was a survivor of the Nationwide Outbreak. He resided in Wong's Fish Factory in the industrial district in Las Surdas after being rescued by Clyde Ackerman.

Early LifeEdit

J.T. was born alongside his twin sister Katrina to Carlos and Dina Mason. He grew up in a low-income family, and went along with his parents' encouragement for both of them to do their best at school to get a good job. J.T. focused on biomedicine while Katrina studied Criminology. Both siblings got along well with each other, sharing secrets and trusting each other completely.

The OutbreakEdit

The Outbreak spread to his college just before his class began in the early morning. His sister had stayed at home, sick with the flu. However, he never got the opportunity to return as he'd been hauled onto a bus and driven out of there along with several of his peers.