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The New Barkham Incident began around 6:43 a.m. on Sunday, September 13th 2009 at Sean Morton's residence on Casper Island. It lasted until 8:00 a.m. the following day. An aerial raid conducted by B-2 Spirits carrying incendiary bombs capable of saturating New Barkham and the surrounding Damuca County in flames occurred at that time.


Lane Parfetti, an employee at Yoshida International Industries realised the potential money to be made should he get a hold of the virus Morton had been developing. He had Morton smuggle the virus out of the labs after he'd been fired due to an accident leading to several deaths of members in his research team. Lane had promised that he'd be his partner in all this, but promptly betrayed him once both Karl and Dmitri wanted a field test to determine Lane's authenticity. However, Lane had underestimated the capability of the virus, and subsequently the whole city became infected within hours.

Line of riot

Riot police block the Weller Bridge.

Early HoursEdit

Lane attacked Morton in his home and injected him with the virus before returning to his home mere blocks away. Within minutes, Morton transformed and attacked his neighbors, spreading it. However, the initial attack was merely considered a series of murders by a psychopathic old man. As hours passed, violence escalated, with everyone believing that a riot was occurring on the island. Police in riot gear were dispatched to the island, but struggled to combat with the zombies.

By noon, the entirety of Casper Island had been infested with the virus. The Weller Bridge was cordoned off to prevent anyone going in or out of Casper Island.

Spread to PortigonEdit

Due to the actions of Stanley Parfetti, the virus managed to spread into Portigon after his rescue of Isabel Perez and Nadia Hamilton. Nadia had been infected with the virus when she was brought into Ophelia Memorial Hospital. During her operation, she flatlined before quickly recovering as a zombie. She attacked hospital staff, which eventually led to a swift spread within the building and eventually the surrounding area.

National Guard InvolvementEdit

The National Guard was sent into the city after Yoshida International Industries briefed Secretary of Defense William Clarke on the situation. Corporal Ethan Hiller was just one of many soldiers sent to combat the infestation. The teams struggled to fight the increasing numbers of zombies within the city, and with the evacuation of civilians. Sometime around 6:37 p.m. the National Guard cut electricity from the Crescent Dam out in Damuca County, which was the staging area to prevent any civilians from leaving the quarantined zone. Air raids began, with friendly fire a constant issue. The forces were strewn across the city and the county.

B-2 Spirit 2

Stealth bombers fly over Damuca County.


The incident came to a climax in the early morning of Monday, September 14th 2009. Clarke ordered fire mission level to take place, which would result in incendiary bombs being dropped over New Barkham and Damuca County. Forces on the dam retreated to make the minimum safe distance. Clarke also had the dam destroyed to prevent any stragglers from leaving ground zero. At 8:00 a.m., the bombs were released, and the majority of infectees were incinerated.


Nearly 2.6 million people were killed as a result of the incident. Mandatory health checks were enforced by the National Guard, forcing people to flock to the nearest CDC/FEMA station if they resided within a fifty mile radius of New Barkham. The rest of the vials containing the virus were unable to be located. Clarke held off on any explanation as to what really happened in the city to the general public.